Japan Ready For the Chinese Games?

The Japanese have won the most Olympic medals, and that seems to be a fact. Well, it might not be a fact, because there are rumours going around that the Chinese are preparing to win the next games in Tokyo. Are the Chinese preparing for the Olympics in Japan? The answer might surprise you.

Japan Vs China

The virus which causes the Japanese Games was created in China, and Chinese athletes are using it to help train better for the games. The virus was given to the Chinese through an international research facility. It doesn’t affect humans, but it is in the form of a biological weapon. And if it is in the form of a weapon, then it can do some real damage.

There have been rumours that the virus has caused the death of many athletes preparing for the Olympics. This is probably why the Chinese government is very careful about how the news gets out there. If the story were reported incorrectly, they could lose a lot of face value. That would be bad for their image in the world, and it might cause them to lose a number of Olympics.

So it is probably a good idea for the Chinese to keep quiet about this, instead of spreading the information further to the athletes themselves. But the worry is, if this virus gets into the hands of the wrong people, it can start a biological arms race in Asia. And we know that biological arms races do tend to cause more problems than they solve.

In other words, if the Japanese athletes get this virus, they could be trying to get to the United States to compete. The Chinese have been trying to enter the US for years. If they succeed, that opens up a pathway for more Chinese to come to the United States. And what a pathway that could be. We already know that some Chinese who come to the US will attempt to enter the country illegally.

This virus may be hard to detect, but if the Chinese athletes are cheating, they will not be leaving any trail behind. There are plenty of training sites in China. They’ve been doing this for years, so they should be able to find anything. If they’re not cheating, they may be trying to get better.

Japan is a strong country, with lots of national pride. These athletes would love to show the world how strong they really are. They will be able to beat out some of the stronger foreign teams at the Olympics, and take home the gold. It’s just one more opportunity to prove to the Chinese that they are indeed the best.

So, Japan should definitely get ready for the upcoming games in China. Japan needs to win the games and stay ahead in the medals count. The Chinese have shown that they cannot be fooled. They will surely be the overwhelming favourite.

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